Break The Rules

Did you know…. 

Image result for farm family iconThere are 170 local family farms producing more than 60 million dozen eggs every year!

Image result for egg iconEggs have 6g of protein and only 70 calories

Image result for fridge iconEggs are kept in the fridge in Canada because all eggs are washed at a grading station, such as Sparks Eggs and Burnbrae. Eggs found on the shelf in areas such as Europe are not washed and therefore do not need to be stored in the fridge

Image result for brown and white egg iconThere is no difference between a brown and a white egg nutritionally… brown eggs tend to be higher in price due to brown hens eating more food because they are a bigger bird

Image result for transport iconEggs take about a week from the time they leave the farm, head to the grading station and then are transported to the grocery store. Eggs can even be at the store within 24 hours from being laid!

Image result for no steroids iconThere are NO steroids or hormones in eggs and they have been banned in Canada for over 50 years in the poultry industry

Related imageAlberta has the smallest average flock size in Canada, coming in at around 14,698 hens


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