Egg Quota


All egg production in Alberta – whether you have one hen or a thousand hens – falls under the provincial Marketing of Agricultural Products Act and regulations, including Egg Farmers of Alberta Plan Regulation (258/97) and Egg Production and Marketing Regulations (293/97).

In Alberta, any farmer with more than 300 laying hens must become a registered egg farmer and quota holder.   Egg production quota is allocated nationally by Egg Farmers of Canada.

Alberta Quota Allotment

Year (as of January 1st) Alberta’s Total Hen Allotment Alberta’s % of National Hen Allotment
2020 2,803,789 10.18%
20192,789,167 10.17%
20182,589,101 9.96%
20172,464,890 9.81%
20162,331,874 9.61%
20152,086,592 9.15%
20142,018,047 9.02%

Quota Exchange Program

EFA launched the provincial Quota Exchange Program in 2019, which was designed to ensure equal access to quota sales and transfers, with optimal accessibility and transparency to egg quota transactions in Alberta.

The details about EFA’s Quota Exchange Program can be found in OPP #9.34.

If you are interested in buying quota, please review and submit a completed Application to Purchase.

If you are interested in selling quota, please review and submit a completed Application to Sell.


Update: October 14, 2021

Quota Exchange QE4-21 launched September 7, 2021, and 3 eligible applications to sell 8,954 layers of quota have been received.  If you are interested in buying quota, kindly complete the Application to Purchase in full and submit to EFA by the deadline date of November 11, 2021.