About Egg Farmers of Alberta


Egg Farmers of Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 1968, for the purpose of providing effective promotion, control and regulation of the marketing of eggs in Alberta.  EFA represents the province’s more than 165 registered egg farmers, who are dedicated to providing Albertans with a stable supply of fresh, high quality, nutritious, locally produced eggs.

Alberta’s egg industry operates under the provincial Marketing of Agricultural Products ActEgg Farmers of Alberta Plan Regulation (026/22), Egg Farmers of Alberta Board Authorization Regulation (279/97) and Egg Production and Marketing Regulation (293/97) – which is supervised by the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council, a government agency charged with overseeing all agricultural marketing boards and commissions in Alberta.  EFA also has its own Bylaws, which took effect on February 28, 2022.

EFA’s Vision

Healthy Food, Healthy Farms, Healthy Families

EFA’s Mission

Cultivating a sustainable egg industry together with farmers, consumers and other stakeholders.

EFA’s Values

Ethics – We will not compromise character or ethics in favor of advantage to us as individuals, an organization or a Province.

Sustainability – Sustainable profitability of our producers is as important as growth.

Partnership – We will develop and strengthen strategic, collaborative alliances and partnerships, particularly with EFC and other provincial Boards.

Collaboration – We expect best results from sharing risks and benefits.

Fairness – We are committed to fairness and equity in all our dealings.

Respect – We will treat all other people with respect; we expect the same from others.

Professionalism – Our interaction with members, the industry and the public, will be characterized by professionalism.

Commitment – We are committed to market only safe and high quality eggs, through humane animal care and responsible use of our environment.

Continuous Improvement – We value innovation.

Transparency – We value open communication.

Unity – We are committed to put the interest of the whole first, before the interest of individuals, in the short-term.