Farm Safety

Alberta egg farmers are dedicated to building an egg industry that will be sustainable for future generations. Ensuring that farm workers are treated fairly and provided a safe working environment is a vital piece of the sustainability puzzle, which hits home for our family farmers. For this reason, Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) is supportive of adopting Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation for Alberta farms.

Egg Farmers of Alberta believes that a balanced, proactive strategy that includes education and training is the most effective approach to farm worker safety. EFA is in the process of developing a farm safety program for the provincial egg industry, which would identify potential risks, analyse common safety hazards, provide training, and encourage the use of best practices.

EFA also supports the work done by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to launch the Alberta FarmSafe Plan, to help farmers manage health and safety on the farm. Several egg farmers have already completed their workshop, to create a management system tailored to their farm.