Egg Quality AssuranceTM

Canadian egg farmers are making it even easier to identify high-quality, locally produced eggs, thanks to a national certification program.

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The Cracked Egg

Egg Farmers of Alberta's consumer-facing podcast!

The Cracked Egg will feature a range of guest speakers across many sectors, including the egg industry, food, agriculture, and health.

Recent speakers include Burnbrae Farms, Food Banks Alberta, a Culinary Chef, an Egg Farmer, and a Registered Dietitian.

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Sustainable Egg Farming

When it comes to sustainable egg farming, EFA is committed to doing more than building environmentally friendly barns by setting targets to build a sustainable egg industry for generations to come.

EFA's sustainability targets

UPCOMING Cook with Meg Class!

Cook with Meg's next free class with spots available is on July 5th, where you'll make Cowboy Quiche!

Remember there are limited free spots and FREE EGGS to be won in every class!!

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