Glenbea Farms

  • Type of Farm Enriched
  • Type of eggs Enriched White
  • Years farming Over 30
  • Type of hens Dekalb Leghorns
How long have you been an egg farmer

Rick and I have been egg farmers for the same amount of time. We both grew up on egg farms and continue to farm to this day.

How many generations has your family been egg

Nathaniel is a fourth-generation egg farmer. His great grandfather had chickens like many of the other homesteaders when they first immigrated to this land. His grandfather expanded what his great grandfather had started and Nathaniel’s parents expanded the farm even farther.

Why did you first get into egg farming?

We had an opportunity and were willing to commit to the lifestyle of farming. We were aware of the challenges, struggles and rewards this lifestyle can present and deemed it worthy of the challenge and a great place to raise a family.

What does being an egg farmer mean to you?

Being an egg farmer means we have a responsibility to many.  We are responsible to the people we work with, to the end consumer who eats the food we raise, and we also have a responsibility to the birds, to take good care of them. We need to be good stewards of everything we are entrusted to manage.

What do you enjoy most about being an egg farmer?

I just like being a farmer in general, there is new challenges every day. We enjoy developing products from the ground up. Farming is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

What other livestock do you raise and/or crops do you grow on your farm?

We also grain farm.

How does it make you feel to know that you provide your fellow Albertans with fresh, nutritious, local food?

Makes me feel like we need to be diligent with the job intrusted to us because fellow Albertans are trusting us to provide a safe and quality product.

If there is one thing you’d like the public to know about egg farming and/or egg farmers, what would it be.

We are very mindful of the food we are raising. We are feeding what we raise, to our families, our friends, our community and our fellow Albertans. We know you are trusting us and we don’t want to let you down.

What is your favourite egg recipe?

One of my favorite recipes is the Egg and Mushroom Tarine. It is adaptable for any meal of the day. For years I have also enjoyed a simple boiled and fried egg as well. …so easy to prepare and always delicious.