Supply Management

Eggs supply photo

Supply management is a uniquely Canadian system under which farmers work together to match what they produce [supply] to what consumers want [demand]. Canada’s egg, poultry (chicken & turkey) and dairy farmers agree to sell their products under a consistent set of rules, thereby balancing supply and demand.

Why was Supply Management Introduced?
Supply management is a system that was introduced to help stabilize several highly volatile agricultural sectors, including eggs, poultry (chicken & turkey) and dairy. Canadian farmers worked with provincial and federal governments to develop the system, which is designed to stabilize the market for farmers’ products, while stabilizing pricing for consumers. Canada’s egg industry began operating under supply management in 1967. As a result, Canada’s farming sectors that operate under supply management have been stable and self-sufficient for over 40 years, requiring no government subsidies.

How does Supply Management work?
There are 3 pillars of supply management:

  1. Production discipline – enables supply and demand to be balanced, ensuring both market and price stability
  2. Pricing mechanisms – farmers receive prices that provide a reasonable, fair market return for their products
  3. Import controls – the Canadian market is open to a predictable level of imported products

Why is Supply Management good for Canadians?
Supply management helps to ensure that a stable supply of fresh, high quality, nutritious and delicious, locally produced eggs and egg products are available for all Canadians. Canadian egg farmers work together to collectively meet shifting consumer demands, including new and innovative types of eggs.

Canadian egg farmers adhere to the highest standards for food quality and farming practices. The stability that supply management provides enables Canadian egg farmers to invest in comprehensive on-farm food safety (Start Clean – Stay Clean™) and animal care programs, contribute to their community and local economy, and fund research in human nutrition, poultry health, animal welfare and environmental practices.

Why is Supply Management good for egg farmers?
Supply management provides market stability and fair market return for Canada’s egg farmers. Stable incomes allow egg farmers to reinvest in their farms, ensuring that Canada’s egg industry will remain innovative and sustainable for generations to come.

Who controls the Supply Management system?
Since 1972, Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) has coordinated the supply management system for Canada’s egg industry, in collaboration with egg boards in every province, under the supervision of Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC). Provincially, Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) manages the system for Alberta’s 150+ registered egg farmers, with oversight provided by Agricultural Products Marketing Council (APMC).

What is Alberta SM-5?
Alberta’s egg, poultry (chicken & turkey) and dairy sectors work together in support of Canada’s unique system of supply management. Alberta Chicken Producers (ACP), Alberta Hatching Egg Producers (AHEP), Alberta Milk (AM), Alberta Turkey Producers (ATP) and Egg Farmers of Alberta, known collectively as Alberta SM-5, are dedicated to enlightening consumers, media and government representatives about the benefits of supply management.