New Entrant Program

Egg Farmers of Alberta’s New Entrant Program (NEP) was developed and launched in 2012. EFA recognizes that it is vital to the long-term sustainability of the egg industry that new farmers and new investments are encouraged. The NEP was established in order to assist individuals and families who want to own and operate an egg farm in Alberta, by issuing a portion of newly allocated egg quota to successful applicants, thereby alleviating some of the producer’s start-up costs. EFA’s NEP provides an excellent opportunity for anyone with a passion for egg farming and a desire to join our industry!

Is the New Entrant Program currently running?

No.  The New Entrant Program will not run until sufficient NEP quota reserve has been built up, via quota allocations from Egg Farmers of Canada.

New Entrant Program

The New Entrant Program was redeveloped in 2020 and the NEP Policy has been approved by the EFA Board of Directors.

In order to accommodate new applicants, the NEP quota reserve has to be built up to fulfill a minimum of 3 successful applications.  As of Q4-2022, there is not a sufficient reserve to run the NEP.

August 2023: There is no new update at this time.