Social Responsibility

Egg Farmers of Alberta’s approach to social responsibility is rooted in our core values.  Each EFA staff member and Board Director, along with every registered egg farmer, takes the responsibility of feeding our fellow Albertans to heart.  We honor the social license that the public has bestowed upon us to raise our hens, provide our eggs, steward over the land, and regulate the industry.  Egg Farmers of Alberta is dedicated to nurturing an egg industry that will be sustainable in Alberta for generations to come.

Alberta’s egg farmers take great pride in what they do and how they do it; egg farming is their life and livelihood.  The province’s egg farmers are committed to the pillars of animal welfare, food safety and quality, and environmental responsibility.  They have a passion for farming, for providing healthy, nutritious food, and for contributing to the communities they call home.

Egg Farmers of Alberta is proud to have established ongoing partnerships with two organizations that share similar core values, and exist to help fulfill the ‘healthy families’ portion of EFA’s vision statement.

EFA’s relationship with Food Banks Alberta dates back to 2015.  Food Banks Alberta is a provincial network comprised of more than 110 member food banks across Alberta. They represent those members through advocacy, and support them with food funds and resources. Food banks help ensure that all Albertans have access to fresh and nutritious food, as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

EFA’s relationship with Breakfast Club of Canada dates back to 2015.  Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC) is a national program comprised of approximately 1,600 clubs across the country, with another nearly 500 clubs on their waiting list.  School breakfast clubs help ensure that all students are able to get a nutritious start to their school day. BCC supports almost 3,200 school nutrition programs across the country.