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The Healthy Farms pillar is all about the responsibility egg farmers have to minimize their environmental impacts and create a sustainable provincial egg industry. The backbone of this pillar is the provincial on-farm environmental program called the Producer Environmental Egg Program. Another key component of this pillar is the industry’s New Entrant Program. This pillar also encompasses producer training for and research & development related to various environmental and sustainability topics, as well as on-farm issues like farm safety and security.



Alberta egg farmers are cultivating a sustainable egg industry that will be socially responsible, environmentally sound, and economically viable for generations.

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Alberta's on-farm Producer Environmental Egg Program helps farmers identify their impacts on the environment and minimize their carbon footprint.

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Becoming an Egg Farmer

Whether you want to become a registered Alberta egg farmer or raise a few chickens in your backyard, caring for egg laying hens is a substantial responsibility.

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