Research & Development

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Supporting Research

EFA has established a Research Fund that is used to support research priorities.  EFA’s Research Committee reviews project proposals from qualified researchers year-round and also works directly with researchers to provide industry feedback on projects.  To ensure consistency and fairness in the proposal evaluation process, EFA uses a standardized tool for selecting projects with the greatest impact, in an objective and transparent manner.

Researchers applying for grants for which EFA will provide funds are encouraged to include a budget for producer communications and education, in order to ensure the research knowledge is transferred to egg farmers.  EFA also presents research results and updates at annual farmer meetings.

EFA is a member of the Alberta Agriculture Funding Consortium (AAFC), which provides a one-window approach to coordinating agricultural research and development funding, and aligning projects with inter-industry goals.

In addition to providing funds for project proposals put forth by third parties, EFA also actively seeks to develop, coordinate and lead projects related to addressing strategic industry challenges or opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships

EFA recognizes the importance of local, highly qualified personnel and thus supports provincial research and learning institutions.

For over 25 years, EFA has provided funds for direct operational support of the Poultry Research Centre (PRC) at the University of Alberta. EFA is a proud member of the Poultry Innovation Partnership (PIP).  PIP is an evolution of the PRC and a consortium of poultry industry, university and government stakeholders, recognized globally as a leader and innovator in ethical and sustainable poultry production.  PIP excels in poultry research, knowledge creation, technology transfer and professional education.  Each partner brings diverse knowledge, skills, resources and perspectives in exploring solutions to systems-level issues such as achieving high standards for animal care, respect for the environment and genetic resources, economic efficiency and poultry by-product utilization.  PIP provides leadership and direction that supports the supply chain from farmers to processors, to produce food in a socially responsible manner; safe, affordable, accessible, animal welfare friendly, with environmental stewardship.

EFA also provides funds to support undergraduate students interested in considering studies related to the egg industry.  Funding is provided to the Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science (AFNS) at the University of Alberta, and is distributed to undergraduate projects under the direction of the faculty member teaching an undergraduate animal science Capstone (Senior Project) course.  The funds are also available for conference travel related to the Capstone project.