Ron & Sheila Hamilton

  • Type of Farm Organic Free-Range
  • Type of eggs Organic Brown
  • Years farming 18
  • Type of hens Sex-Sal-Link Brown
How many generations has your family been in egg farming?

We moved to the farm from the city and had never farmed before, so we are definitely first generation egg farmers.

Why did you first get into egg farming?

Our customers at farmers markets wanted organic free-range eggs, so we expanded into egg farming.

What does being an egg farmer mean to you?

We are able to supply healthy, nutritious, clean food and raise happy hens.

What do you enjoy most about being an egg farmer?

We enjoy being able to raise layers in a free-range manner, so they can express all of their natural behaviours.

Do you raise any other livestock and/or crops on your farm, in addition to your egg laying hens?

“Our farm mainly raises broiler (meat) chickens and beef cows, along with a few pigs.”

How does it make you feel to know you provide your fellow Albertans with fresh, nutritious and delicious, locally produced eggs?

Raising free-range, organic and certified humane hens on our farm fulfills our passion to raise certified happy birds and provide the best food possible for all Albertans.

If there is one thing you would like people to know about egg farming and/or egg farmers, what would it be?

There are many choices of how eggs are produced for the consumers and we provide an organic, free-range, certified humane choice. Our hens are raised in an organic outdoor free-range system in the summer, and an organic indoor free-run barn in the winter.

Where can Albertans buy your eggs?

Sunworks Farm sells year round in the Calgary Farmers Market, Symons Valley Ranch Farmers Market (both in Calgary and Edmonton). We also sell during the summer at St. Albert Farmers Market and Southwest Edmonton Farmers Market.