Britestone & Kneehill Colonies

  • Type of Farm Free-Run Aviary
  • Type of eggs Free-run
  • Years farming 15
  • Type of hens Dekalb & Lohmann
How long have you been an egg farmer?

I’ve been an egg manager for 1 year and have been helping in the barn for the past 14 years.

How many generations has your family been egg farming?

We are 3rd generation egg farmers.

Why did you first get into egg farming?

My grandpa was an egg farmer and it got passed down to me.

What does being an egg farmers mean to you?

Being an egg farmer means having the privilege to produce healthy, scrumptious, nutritious product for Albertans and Canadians to enjoy.

What do you enjoy most about being an egg farmer?

I really enjoy walking the birds and seeing them happy everyday.

What other livestock do you raise and/or crops do you grow on your farm?

We also grow on our own crops and custom pullet growing.

How does it make you feel to know that you provides your fellow Albertans with fresh, nutritious, local food?

It makes me feel GREAT!!

If there’s one thing you’d like the public to know about egg farming/or egg farmers, what would it be?

When you pick up an egg carton at the grocery store, pause for a minute and think about the process of eggs. We start by sowing grain, then we harvest and take it to the feed mill, grind & mix it with numerous other ingredients then it gets transferred to the barn, eaten by the laying hens which produce eggs that we gather daily. Then the eggs get graded and transported to the grocery store shelf, where you get your egg cartons from. ENJOY!!

What is your favorite egg recipe?

One of my favorite recipes is a Herbed Egg Salad Wrap.