August 21, 2013

Big Bend Colony Egg Farm Tour

Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) is proud to represent the province’s more than 150 registered egg farmers, who are all hardworking and passionate people. EFA is honoured to have had the privilege of welcoming several special guests onto one of our egg farms in the Cardston area. The kind folks at Big Bend Colony played host to Mr. Jim Hillyer, MP for Lethbridge, Mr. Gary Bikman, MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner, and Mr. Rick Schow, Mayor of Cardston, giving them the opportunity to step into the boots of a real modern egg farmer and take a tour of the colony’s egg farm.  They toured the facilities, collected a dozen eggs, and enjoyed both a hearty lunch and the colony’s warm hospitality.

Supply management provides our industry with a stable environment which allows farmers to dedicate themselves to providing Albertans with safe, high quality, nutritious and delicious, locally produced eggs and egg products. This uniquely Canadian system ensures that Alberta farm families will continue feeding Alberta families – from our farms to your plate!

For over 40 years, supply management has cultivated a dependable animal agriculture industry, which has prospered without the need for any provincial or federal government subsidies. In 2011, Alberta’s egg farmers generated $54.3 million in cash farm receipts, while the egg industry (farmers and graders) created more than 1,600 jobs in Alberta, contributed $174 million to the GDP and paid $20.5 million in federal, provincial and municipal taxes. As stewards of the land, committed to sustainable family farming practices, Alberta’s egg farmers are devoted to their animals, to food safety, to the environment and to the communities they live in.

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