EVENTS | June 7, 2018

Events that Engage!

We are busy and diving right into our events season here at EFA! Did you know that we do four major events all before the Calgary Stampede? Going out into the community is a great way to interact and engage with new consumers about the egg industry. We often have returning visitors to our booth who come just to stop by because they recognize a farmer or even one of our contractors.

A huge draw to our booth, other than it’s amazing curb appeal, is the hens. Whenever there are live animals at an event, it increases the engagement tenfold. All of a sudden talking about the industry and different concerns with consumers doesn’t seem so pushy when you are feeding and petting a hen. Those girls really know how to bring a crowd in.

Our first stop this year was Easter Eggstravaganza at the Calgary Zoo. This event runs over the Easter weekend and is a great way to engage with the public and encourage them to come out to our other events in town where they are able to interact with farmers and see a furnished housing unit. There was a station where kids created bees out of egg cartons, which EFA supplied. The event brought in large crowds and we’re thrilled to participate year after year!

Our next adventure took us to Aggie Days Calgary, a massive event attended during the week by teachers and students and during the weekend by the public. As you know, we had 15 white hens and 15 brown hens live on location in their beautiful furnished housing unit. The event was a major success and during the weekend, our food truck Crackd’YYC serving up some delicious egg inspired dished for the public.


We then headed down to our friends in Lethbridge for Aggie Days down there. An event attended by the public for five days. Aggie Days Lethbridge is always a great event because it attracts a lot of rural consumers who have fantastic questions about the industry and where it is going. It also brings in a lot of rural students who love learning about the different colour of eggs and what type of hens produce what colour of egg.

And last but not least, we joined our friends in Edmonton for Amazing Ag! This event is a little different than all the others and has a structured classroom setting where kids come into the booth every 15 minutes and then leave to go to the next booth. This structure, versus a “come-one, come-all”, allows for farmers to engage with the students on a more intimate level and really educate them on the specifics of the hens and the different housing systems in Canada. We had a ton of amazing questions from the kids, as well as the teachers and parents who said they learned something new as well!







This is our second event season bringing our new booth and furnished housing system and it continues to draw in large crowds and compliments from all. We can’t wait for the Calgary Stampede, ten days of amazing conversations with people from all around the world!