CRACK’D YYC FOOD TRUCK | July 31, 2018

Crack’d YYC Hits the Colony

Crack’d YYC is taking over the streets of Calgary, but early this month the truck went back to the heart of farming and visited Fairview Colony just 45 minutes North of the city center.

You couldn’t ask for better weather when hosting a foodie tour with one of the most popular food trucks to hit the food scene. Crack’d YYC was born through an EFA funding contest to help support a new food truck venture that focused on eggs. Chef Jordon Henkel pleased all of EFA’s palates with the classic scotch egg with a modern twist of spicy chorizo sausage and delicious homemade jelly on top.

Crack’d YYC has now been operating for a couple of months and has received constant raves from people who have had the chance to pop over and try one of his delicious egg-inspired dishes. EFA, unfortunately, cannot have a “for profit” venture while operating as a non-profit business, thus formed the great symmetry through Chef Jordon’s impressive food background and love for the “farm-to-fork” idea of egg farming.

Having the Crack’d YYC food truck downtown Calgary is a great way for EFA to reinforce the local aspect of farming and where eggs come from. All the eggs you buy in the grocery store are local to Alberta and take from 1 to 10 days to reach grocery store shelves.

Click here to read the article published by the Calgary Journal about the experience when they came out for the foodie tour at Fairview Colony.