UNCATEGORIZED | November 26, 2021

EFA Gives Back

Giving back is fundamental to EFA, as each staff member, Board Director, and egg farmer takes responsibility for their role in providing safe, fresh, and nutritious eggs to Albertans. In doing so, social responsibility is a vital part of our organizational structure and can be found in our core values: sustainability, transparency, collaboration, and unity. To cultivate a sustainable egg industry, EFA has developed partnerships with two organizations that share similar core values – Food Banks Alberta and Breakfast Club of Canada.

Food Bank Alberta’s vision is to inspire social change for the community through the relationships it establishes with its members. EFA proudly partnered with Food Banks Alberta in 2015 to ensure Albertans have access to fresh and nutritious food to support a healthy lifestyle. In addition to providing egg donations, EFA staff lends a helping hand by volunteering their time to help food banks across Alberta. Unfortunately, during the pandemic staff were unable to physically volunteer due to the health and safety of those involved; however, since 2020 EFA has increased donations to meet the rising demand for food due to impacts of the pandemic, such as job loss and financial uncertainty.

EFA has also partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC) to provide students with a nutritious way to start their full day of learning. As a national program, BCC is compromised of nearly 1,600 clubs throughout the country and 500 more on a waiting list.

EFA’s four main pillars – healthy birds, healthy eggs, healthy farms and healthy communities help guide farmers and the industry to provide nutritious food while contributing to communities in need. Each pillar focuses on a sector of our industry that we continuously work to enhance. Our healthy communities pillar specifically aims to engage consumers and stakeholders and our egg farmers giving back.