Carley Frerichs

My name is Carley Frerichs and I am EFA’s Farm Programs Coordinator.

I was interested in working within an industry that focuses on the welfare, behaviour, and production of poultry and is as passionate for poultry as I am. Since I’m a new addition, my favorite memory so far has been getting to work individually with each of the EFA staff members and learn more about their role within the company. I was also impressed by the interior decorating and décor of the EFA office, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Regional Meetings. I’m the newest team member at EFA and have been here under a year!

I was born in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My hobbies and interests include horseback riding, snowboarding, camping, and the arts. This makes the foothills of Alberta the perfect home! I have two feisty leopard geckos named Tang and Beano who have been with me throughout my university career and have now helped me transition into my professional career.

I feel EFA is successful because the staff members are passionate about what they do and each staff member has a critical role to play in the company. These staff members work very hard and as a team along with producers and other service industry representatives to provide high-quality products and exceptional care. I think great things lie ahead for EFA and that is why I was so interested in joining this team! Within the last several years EFA and the Alberta table egg laying industry have had huge success in growing their market, rise in uptake of farm programs, and fostering new and existing relationships.