With Easter coming up, I wanted to do a little bit of crafting and since Isaac is about the only one interested in doing that kind of “stuff” with mom, he and I headed up to my craft room.

Easter is such a fun time of the year – everyone is happy to see the green grass popping up, pussy willows are out, the weather is warming up and I’m happy to wear rubber boots instead of snow boots. Over the years, the kids and I have done many different Easter egg crafts, from regular dyed and colored eggs to making Ukranian pysankas, to coloring eggs with natural dyes.  Check out some of the egg crafting ideas that EFA is sharing.

Blog-16-01Blog-16-03For the last few years, I’ve even had to (gasp) buy white eggs! My ‘girls’ only give me brown eggs and, while they are lovely to look at and very tasty, they aren’t nearly as much fun to decorate and color.  This year, as I was browsing/scouring Pinterest for ideas, I came across this very easy and fun idea – most of us have these plastic eggs stashed away somewhere.  I actually needed to buy a couple of bags, since most of mine have disappeared.

Isaac and I took some black electrical tape, some googly eyes, a hot glue gun and a black sharpie pen and transformed them into these fun guys…



Who doesn’t like Minions?

Of course, we had to fill our little Minions with some candy to make them stand up. The only problem was that I couldn’t remember where I hid all the Easter candy that I had purchased over a month ago.  No worries though – as I was searching, I found some old Valentine’s candy – my kids are happy with any kind of candy!


By the way, my kids haven’t outgrown Easter egg hunts yet. I had to get creative last year and moved out into the yard, since they know all the spots inside the house.

Happy Easter from my family to yours!