The Extraordinary Spinning Egg

Use your MIND to keep an egg spinning!

How it looks:

“I need a volunteer who likes hard-cooked eggs.” You select one to help you. “For this trick to work, I need you to select one of these 6 eggs. Will you do that for me? Now you have to understand a couple things before we start. First, you have to break the egg on top of your head. Second, only one of these eggs is hard-cooked, the rest are raw.” (pause for reaction)

“Now I don’t want you to pick a raw egg any more than you do, so before we proceed, I want to ask you… have you heard of E.S.P.? It means “Egg-stra Sensory Perception.” Let’s find out if you have E.S.P. What I’m going to do is spin each egg on the table, and what I need you to do is concentrate all of your mental power on keeping that egg spinning.”

You take an egg out of the carton and spin it on its end on the table. It wobbles and falls down. “Were you concentrating on that egg? I want you to concentrate twice as hard on this one, okay?”

You spin another egg on its end on the table and it wobbles and falls like the last one. “Did you notice anything different about that last egg? Are you really trying, or are you just pretending? Listen, I want you to focus your eyes on the next egg. Try to keep that egg upright and spinning, and concentrate as hard as you can. Be the egg, or wear the egg!”

You spin a third egg on its end and this one spins smoothly. “How did you do that?! You have an egg-straordinary power! Well this must be your egg of choice, so would you like to break it, or shall I?” Either you or your volunteer break the egg (gently) on the volunteer’s head, and to everyone’s relief, it is the hard-cooked egg!

What you need:

• 1 egg carton or ½ an egg carton to hold the eggs
• 5 raw eggs
• 1 hard-cooked egg (see instructions for hard-cooking an egg below)
• Counter or hard surface (like a table or floor)
• Adult helper
Make a small mark on the side of the carton to remind yourself where the hard-cooked egg is. How it works:

Hard-cook one egg.

Place the hard-cooked egg in a carton with 5 raw eggs. Make a small mark on the side of the carton where your hard-cooked egg is placed. Put it in the fridge until all eggs are the same temperature when you touch them.

Start your Egg-Trick. When you spin your first few eggs, take out one of the raw eggs from the carton. Once you have built up the suspense, take out the hard-cooked egg and watch it go!

Did you know…

The yolk and white in an uncooked egg slosh around slightly so that it wobbles instead of spinning because the yolk and the white are liquid or semi-liquid. A hard-cooked egg always spins smoothly because the yolk and white are solid.

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