The Egg Bag

This trick requires some practise and sewing skills, but it is guaranteed to leave your audience astounded and dumbfounded.026

How it looks:

You start by introducing the trick as “one of the oldest tricks in magic,” with an empty black bag and an egg.

You place the egg in the bag, say the magic words and the egg disappears. You turn the bag inside out to prove that it is empty, then turn it right side out again. You say the magic words backwards, and the egg reappears in the bag.

You show the audience the trick again, but this time they think you slip the egg under your arm. When you lift your arm, the egg is not there. You say the magic words backwards and the egg has reappeared in the bag.

Finally, you place the egg back in the bag and say some different magic words, and this time you pour 4 eggs out of the bag!

For a more detailed description of how to present this trick, see “The Presentation” below.

What you need:

  • 4 eggs
  • 3 pieces of heavy black rayon lining material (9½” x 11” or 24 cm x 28 cm)
  • Double-faced tape
  • Counter or hard surface
  • Adult helper (to help sew the 3 pieces of rayon lining material together)


This trick requires a special bag. Your adult helper must separately hem the tops of the 3 black rayon pieces and then sew all three pieces together with a French seam down both sides and across the bottom (see diagram). The seams are turned to the inside. The result should be a bag divided inside into 2 sections by a piece of material in the middle.

Sew 3 pieces together … Turn inside out.

Turn one of the sections (which we will refer to as the rear section) inside out, and with the bag flat on the table, run a strip of double-faced tape across it horizontally from one side to the other. The strip of tape should be about 3” from the bottom of the bag. Turn the bag right side out again and drop 3 eggs inside the rear section, and press the tape flat so it sticks to both sides and seals off the

How it works:

The Secret:

The trick to using this bag is where you place the egg and how you turn the bag inside out. When you want to make an egg disappear, place the egg in the rear section of the bag (it will rest on top of the tape and not mix with the 3 concealed eggs). When you want to show the crowd that the bag is empty, hold the bag in front of you by the bag’s top corners so that your thumbs are in the front section and your fingers are gripping the bag from the front side (see diagram). Gather up the bag with your fingers and turn the front section inside out. With some practise, the eggs in the rear pocket will remain concealed from view and the bag will appear empty.

The final twist at the end of the trick is where you produce four eggs from one. Place the egg in the back section of the bag, and spread your fingers wide so the sticky tape inside pulls free. The three eggs hidden in there are now available for you to pour out.

The Presentation:

“I want to show you one of the oldest tricks in magic. It involves a little black bag and an egg.” You hold up a black bag and an egg. You turn the black bag inside out and show both sides to the audience to demonstrate that it is empty, and then turn it right side out again. “Now what I do is put the egg inside this bag.” You put your hand in the bag and drop the egg in gently. Next, you withdraw your hand and show the audience that your hand is empty. “I say the magic words ‘EGGRA-KADABRA!’ and the egg has magically disappeared!”

You gather up the front section of the bag, turning it inside out to show that it is empty and then turn it right side out again. “If you want to see the egg again, all you have to do is say the magic words backwards and the spell is reversed. ARBADAK-ARGGE!!!” You reach inside the bag and pull out the egg, holding it up for everyone to see.

Pull out the front section of the bag.

“Do you think you know how I made that egg invisible? Let’s try it once more; watch closely this time.” You place the egg in the bag and take your hand out. Your hand is closed, as if you are concealing the egg in your palm. You move your closed hand to your armpit and pretend to slip the “palmed egg” under your arm. You keep your elbow tightly pressed to your side, concealing your armpit as if the egg were inside of it.

“Now for the magic words, EGGRA-KADABRA!” You turn the bag inside out to show that there is nothing in it, and raise it up with both hands for everyone to see. What the audience also notices is that the egg is not hidden under your arm! You lower the bag and turn it right side out again. “It’s that easy, ARBADAK-ARGGE!” You reach in the rear section of the bag and pull out the egg. “It comes and goes like it has legs! All you need is a bag and an egg.”

“There’s one more trick I want to show you, only this one uses different magic words.” You put the egg in the rear section of the bag and spread your fingers to release the three hidden eggs. You take your hand out and wave it in the air, saying the words “YOLKUS-POKUS!”

You ask the audience, “What do you think happened? Do you think the egg has disappeared again? Quite the contrary!” You gently pour four eggs out of the bag onto the table. “It has multiplied into four eggs!” While the audience is wondering how you just did that, you pop the eggs back into the bag, saying, “Eggra-Kadabra” after each one. Once you have put them all back in the bag, you turn the bag inside out one more time to show everyone that the eggs have disappeared again and the bag is empty.

Place egg in the rear pocket. Spread your fingers out to release the tape from the inside of the bag.

Did you know…

Eggra-Kadabra is derived from the word “Abracadabra,” which made its first appearance in a 2nd century AD poem by Q. Severus Sammonicus. When written in a triangular form (the first line containing the whole word, the others successively omitting the first and last letters, until the last line is simply the letter A) and worn around the neck, it was believed to ward off or cure certain diseases.