The Awesome Etched Egg

Here is a neat trick to make your name or any other message stand out on an egg!

How it looks:

When your eggs have been “etched,” they will feature words printed in raised letters on the shell. You can etch personalized eggs with your friends’ names on them, or leave a special “good morning” message in someone’s breakfast.

What you need:

• 1 hard-cooked egg (see instructions for hard-cooking an egg below)
• 1 wax crayon (darker colours like green, blue, black or red work best!)
• 1 clear jar (clean jelly, olive, or pickle jars work) or glass (big enough to fit the egg into)
• White vinegar (enough to cover the egg completely in the jar or glass)
• Water at room temperature
• An old toothbrush
• Counter or hard surface
• Spoon
• Adult helper

How it works:

Hard-cook one egg. Allow the egg to cool. With the wax crayon, write your message on the egg. Write over the message several times to put a thick layer of wax crayon on the shell.

Place your egg in the glass and cover it with vinegar. After about an hour, remove your egg from the vinegar with a spoon and wash it gently in clean water. The vinegar will etch away all the exposed shell, but the words written in wax crayon will be protected from the acid.

Take an old toothbrush and lightly brush away any debris from the egg shell, leaving a thin shell on the entire egg and a thick, coloured message etched out of it.

Did you know…

You can combine etching with dyeing to create colourful and textured egg designs.

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