Egg Tricks

Welcome to Egg-Tricks – a collection of tricks and illusions to amuse you, your family and friends! Find an adult helper (mom or dad would be a good choice) and try out one or all of these cool Egg-Tricks! You should be able to find most of the items needed for the Egg-Tricks at home or school. 002

Easy Tricks

  1. The Bizarre Standing Egg
  2. The Incredible Swimming Egg
  3. The Uncanny Unbreakable Egg
  4. The Extraordinary Spinning Egg
  5. The Awesome Etched Egg
  6. Fantastic Egg Game & Illusion

Not So Easy Tricks

  1. The “Hot Enough to Fry An Egg On The Sidewalk” Trick
  2. The Magic Mirror Egg
  3. The Secret Message Egg
  4. The Magic Lunch Bag
  5. 3 Egg Monte
  6. The Egg Bag



  • Practice makes perfect. It is important to practice one or more times before you do an Egg-Trick in front of an audience.
  • Be careful with the eggs as you perform Egg-Tricks. If they break, you may have a big mess on your hands – and elsewhere! Some of these – for this reason – need to be done over a sink or counter that can easily be cleaned up!
  • Don’t eat the results of any of your Egg-Tricks unless it says you can (that means no feeding them to your brother, sister or pets either)!
  • Make sure you get a parent’s permission before you start any Egg-Trick and before you use any materials or equipment called for.
  • Be sure to clean up really well after you’re done.