Sustainability Reports

In 2014, Egg Farmers of Alberta developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which encompasses everything we do and enables us to more effectively tell our story.  For Alberta egg farmers, sustainable egg production is socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable.  The sustainability strategy identified EFA’s key pillars:


A key output of the sustainability strategy is EFA’s Sustainability Report.  Our inaugural report, which was released at EFA’s AGM on February 24, 2015, reported on a variety of sustainability metrics related to each pillar.  The report also established an historic timeline of important milestones and achievements for Alberta’s egg industry.

EFA worked in collaboration with The Prasino Group and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development to develop our sustainability strategy.  The journey was chronicled by an independent reporter – Kieran Brett – who published his first bulletin in January 2015.

EFA’s 2015 Sustainability Report builds on the momentum from our first report.  In addition to expanding the amount and variety of metrics being reported on, the 2015 Sustainability Report takes a more forward-looking approach, replacing the historic timeline of achievements with a number of progressive targets.  Once again, in the name of transparency and accountability, EFA’s 2015 Sustainability Report is intended to be the annual report card for our organization, our farmers, our industry, and our consumers.