Wake Up To Yellow

Posted on May 17, 2017

By: Angie Lang, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, EFA

Eggs Farmers of Alberta and Egg Farmers of Canada celebrated spring by kicking off farmers’ market season with the creation of our very own Egg Farmer’s Market. We headed down to Stephen Ave. to remind Calgarian’s of the nice weather and to start enjoying the outdoors!

Eggs are such an important staple to any meal, with six grams of the highest quality protein and 14 essential vitamins and nutrients, like iron and Vitamin A. At the Egg Farmers’ Market we served up delicious, warm breakfast treats (sandwiches, wraps, mini egg muffins) alongside yellow flowers and bright yellow kitchen utensils. We wanted everyone to start off their day with some natural goodness and encourage them to learn more about the egg industry!

Our own Alberta farmers were ready to speak to people passing by as they handed out some yummy breakfast wraps filled with, you guessed it, eggs! Wake Up To Yellow was a huge success and we hope everyone who stopped by enjoyed themselves and learned a little bit more about local eggs!