Jerry Hofer

My name is Jerry Hofer, and I’m serving my first term as a director.

My wife Matilda, and I, have been married for over 20 years. I’ve been in egg farming all my life, I started doing chores in the barn, and helping gather eggs from the time I was in grade school, we raise most of our own pullets, and getting the new baby chicks to raise, and care for, was always my favorite time.

I believe the regulated system we have is second to none, it provides  stability to farmers, and helps us incorporate world class food safety, and animal care programs, too make sure that the eggs we sell, are safe to eat, and that our birds are well cared for.

I was encouraged to become a director because of my experience in the egg business, and I felt I could contribute to help meet the many challenges facing us on a daily basis, although I didn’t anticipate COVID-19 happening a few short weeks after I was elected, but if anything, it served to show how important locally raised eggs are, and that consumers have the ability to buy safe food, without any dramatic price fluctuations.

I think we can be confident that EFA will be able to meet the many challenges ahead, in a positive way, so we can leave something behind for future generations.