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Egg Ambassadors

April 13, 2018

Egg Ambassadors play a vital role for EFA, when it comes to both promoting the provincial egg industry, and educating the public about where their food comes from and how it was produced. More importantly, Egg Ambassadors put a face on egg farming, allowing consumers to make a personal connectionMore

10 Year Extension

April 13, 2018

406,116 birds were placed in the pool and 344,910 were requested allowing all requests for quota from the pool to be filled at 100%. Because of excess supply, producer payments for quota put into the pool have been pro-rated to $6.2782. These figures are subject to change with any furtherMore

Mass Depopulation Update

April 13, 2018

The EFA Board of Directors has established a committee to guide the direction for mass depopulation. The objective is to develop options to offer affordable, effective, humane mass depopulation that producers will embrace, which meet the national standards for animal care. The goal will then be to develop SOP templatesMore

EFA Producer Website Update

March 9, 2018

Last year, during our annual meeting with Colony elders, EFA was asked to assemble and distribute a list of safe websites that would be helpful to Egg Managers – you will find this list here (http://www.albertaeggproducers.com/userfiles/files/Website%20Safe%20List.pdf) and posted on the EFA Producer Website. This list has been reviewed by EFAMore