UNCATEGORIZED | April 29, 2021

Everything is Better with Eggs

Transform your usual, mundane dinner recipes by adding an egg to your burger, pasta, pizza, bowl and salads with an extra 6 g of protein and a whole lot of nutrients – it’s simple.

While frying patties on the grill, crack an egg to supplement a hearty burger for an extra pop of color and flavour. You can find a Great Canadian Burger recipe here.

Take your healthy salad up a notch by adding a boiled egg or two, to balance greens and a complete source of protein. Everything is better with eggs ESPECIALLY when your meal consists of essential nutrients, minerals such as iron, vitamin B12 and choline. Access a quick and easy Caesar salad recipe for lunch or dinner.

Have the best of both worlds, carbs and protein included to your weekday family meal. Linguine with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach and Eggplant recipe is a sure crowd-pleaser that will have you feeling accomplished on your new ap(poach) to a pasta dish.

Planning a pizza night? Plan to add a low calorie, high protein topping such as eggs to mix things up. With a cooking time of 20 mins, Egg Topped Pizza with Kale, Tomatoes and Feta can be put together easily with many helping hands, making it an enjoyable at-home activity.

The versatility of eggs makes it effortless to crack open new ways to use eggs and reap the vast nutritional benefits. Find inspiration by including eggs to your favourite dishes here.