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Pullets for Sale

September 14, 2018

250 Lohmann LSL and 250 Lohmann Brown pullets available. 19 week date Oct. 22, 2018. Call Susan Schafers at 780-722-3238 for more information.

CEIRA Announces Avian InfIuenza Coverage

September 14, 2018

CEIRA Announces Avian InfIuenza Coverage CEIRA is pleased to announce Avian Influenza (AI) coverage beyond compensation from the Federal Government’s Health of Animals Act. The Health of Animals Act only provides compensation for the value of birds up to the age birds are removed. CEIRA’s coverage was developed to addressMore

BC Egg Takes Action

July 13, 2018

On July 12th, BC Egg released a statement that outlines their actions since they became aware of undercover video captured on BC Egg Farms late last month. This incident serves an important reminder that it is the responsibility of each and every farmer to uphold the high animal welfare standardsMore

Feather Cover

July 13, 2018

Laying hens have more than 8,000 feathers and feather tracts cover over 75% of their skin. Feathers help hens regulate their temperature and protect their skin from injury and infection. Maintaining good feather cover is important for bird welfare, egg production and feed conversion. In 2018 Egg Farmers of AlbertaMore