Power Up! Cooking With Eggs


Power Up! Cooking with Milk Products & Eggs provides practical, real world focused learning tasks that start with what students are familiar with — milk product and egg food choices in their daily diets — and extends their knowledge and skills to cooking science and applications.  This resource includes 5 components.

Power Up! Teaching & Learning Resource

The Power Up! Teaching & Learning Resource supports CTS Fod2060 Milk Products & Eggs and includes approaches, strategies, tools, assessment and student learning support for both independent and classroom lab-based learning contexts.  Icons make navigation through this resource easy and identify differentiated learning, extension, assessment and weblink support for you, as you implement this course.

The Power Up! Student Learning Resource Package is a separate document that contains all the student handouts that are in the teaching resource.  These are separated to make it easier for teachers to photocopy them, or provide to students as a set.

Power Up! Product Cards

Power Up! Product Cards provide product, processing, storage and handling information about a range of milk products and eggs.  These cards are divided into three files: milk products, cheese and eggs.  There is also a product card template that allows students to research and add products to your classroom library.

Power Up! Recipe Cards

Power Up! Recipe Cards provide milk product and egg recipes, which range from simple to complex.  Video demonstration weblinks are embedded on many of the cards.  There is also a Recipe Card Template that allows you or your students to add additional recipes to each cluster.

Power Up! Kitchen Practice Cards

Power Up! Kitchen Practice Cards provide checklists that reinforce safe and sanitary kitchen practices and skills that students must demonstrate in all CTS Food courses.

Power Up! Test Bank

Power Up! Test Bank provides a bank of test questions – including multiple choice, true/false and short answer – that are correlated to FOD2060 Milk Products & Eggs curriculum outcomes.  There are two versions: teacher version with answers and student version without answers.

If you are a teacher, please send an email to [email protected] to request a copy of the Test Bank.