There is a framed poster by Monsanto hanging in the office in my parents’ house, which has been there for as long as I can remember (and that is several decades now)!


My dad was an immigrant from Germany, arriving in 1959. He came with nothing except a return ticket because he thought he would only be here for a year or two. He met my mom, who is also from Germany, about two years later.  Together they pioneered, homesteaded and built their farm – now my farm – from nothing.

Blog_28-01This poster embodies so many things about my dad:

  • His passion for farming, and particularly the egg industry
  • His hard work, every day
  • His ability to envision change, embrace it and make it work for him and our family
  • His pride in everything he did—he always said that first impressions matter, that they last.
  • His management skills—people, finances, day-to-day operations
  • His creativity and finding a way to make things work, when you thought it couldn’t be done
  • His love for his family, friends and community

Over the years, he has taught me so many things and passed on his love of farming to me. In today’s era it is much more common for women to be involved in day-to-day agriculture and to manage farms, but he always encouraged me to be the best at whatever I chose to be. This poster might be old, but its words still ring true!