Mmmmm… everything is better with bacon, isn’t it?! Well, that’s what my sons would say.  This gloriously easy breakfast is the one that all three of my children request on every birthday, every weekend and would eat every day if I let them!

It starts with these fresh eggs (that the kids gathered this morning)…Blog5-Eggs

And this…Blog5-Bacon

Add in some English muffins and a few good old slices of processed cheese, and you end up with these…Blog5-Mcmuffins

Don’t they look wonderful?!  Homemade egg mcmuffins!  Of course, McDonald’s breakfast menu inspired this homemade version – and they also use great Canadian farm fresh eggs – but we think the homemade version is even better!

Blog5-Isaac Blog5-ElisabethI challenged Isaac and Elisabeth to see how many they could eat.  Can you believe it – they both ate 5 each!  Good thing Glen wasn’t home, because I would have run out of ingredients (not eggs, of course)!  Elisabeth finished first and Isaac didn’t want to be outdone by his sister, so he made it through… but he’s napping now!



After years of trial and error, I found the perfect microwave egg cookers that cook the eggs and don’t cause explosions in my microwave.  These are wonderful; I just fork the scrambled eggs with salt & pepper in the container, which I’ve lightly coated with a non-stick cooking spray.  You can use other microwave egg cookers, including the one you can get from Egg Farmers of Alberta!  Just be sure to scramble the eggs well and cover them.

If you don’t like bacon, you can substitute a slice of ham or turkey sausage patties – equally delicious!  Any way you make them, they are sure to cause a happy face!Blog5-Happy