Egg Farming is what I do and I love it! There is much more to this industry than just producing eggs for consumers to enjoy. There are 158 egg farmers in Alberta and more than 1,300 egg farmers across Canada, with both provincial egg boards and an over-arching national organization that help us manage the industry. The Canadian egg industry is governed by a system called supply management, where we match the national demand for eggs with the supply of eggs. Supply management has thrived for over 40 years and is the reason we can supply fresh, local eggs at reasonable prices, yet earn a reasonable and stable return for our eggs.

I have yet another job, besides being a mom, farmer, taxi-driver and 2013 Boardlaundry queen. Our provincial organization, Egg Farmers of Alberta, elects six directors, whose job it is to provide the strategic direction for our farmers. I am one of those directors, and together we discuss and make decisions about all kinds of issues such as food safety, developing animal care and hen housing policies, environmental concerns, research priorities, how to promote our industry and connecting with consumers. My kids often ask me “why are your meetings so long?” I try to explain to them that it takes a lot of time and effort to make sure we are making the right decisions— every decision impacts egg farmers on a daily basis, so we have to get it right!

Being part of this team of directors and the staff who manage all the day-to-day operations, is a fabulous opportunity for me to learn more about how we fit into the larger agricultural picture locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Every farm is unique, each farmer does things a bit differently, markets are dynamic and we need to adapt as consumers’ tastes and preferences change. We are focussed on working together to benefit farmers, our hens and you, the consumers.

You’re here reading my blog on the Egg Farmers of Alberta website, and I really encourage you to check out the whole site. There’s something here for everyone—you can learn more about other farmers and how they produce eggs, enter contests, and enjoy lots of delicious recipes!