Farm life is always busy with the chickens, eggs, chores, yard work and repairs, but we like to take little moments to make some memories and have some fun.  For me, these are the MOM-ents I live for!

A few weeks ago, the kids and I were cleaning out the garden so that Glen could rototill before the snow flies. Earlier in the spring, my mom planted what she thought were zucchini seeds and were actually pumpkins.  Now we all know that it only takes a few seeds to produce mammoth plants, so they spread themselves out through the potatoes and carrots and beans.

We had a few smaller and mushier pumpkins left after the first frost, so we decided to play pumpkin baseball. Have a look at the quick video and I dare you not to smile!

I know you’ll be wondering about the cows in the background. These two cows, Rose and Sally, are Glen’s first 4H cows.  While he finished 4H last year after eight years as a member of the Lakemere 4H Beef club, he hasn’t the heart to sell these lovely old girls.  As an added bonus, he continues to receive a yearly cash crop of calves, which he uses to fund his love of buying and fixing up old GM trucks.

All three kids have been involved in 4H, with the beef projects but also crafts, cooking, small engine repair and outdoor adventures. 4H has been a big part of their lives, teaching them “Learn to do by Doing”.  I’ve always been an active parent, but also volunteer as the Foods Leader with the club.  Here are some of my favorite 4H pictures from the past few years:

Glen, Elisabeth and friends take a break from looking after their steers at the annual show and sale.Blog-4H

The kids are ready to go down a REALLLLLLY steep hill at the winter fun party. By the way, the best toboggans are calf sleds!Blog-Tobogan

Every year the club participates in a provincial tire recycling program. We collect over 1000 tires in one day, clean up yards, garages and the environment, to earn money for our club.Blog-Tires

Just in case you thought it was all work and no fun, this is Glen inside an old tractor tire, getting rolled down the road. Guess it was a bumpy ride!Blog-Tire

Elisabeth getting some love from her steer. They do an amazing job feeding, grooming, halter breaking and leading their animals in preparation for the annual show and sale!Blog-Kiss

This is Isaac with his steer. This animal weighs well over 1000 pounds and he has no problem at all handling him!Blog-Cow

Making Christmas wreaths from feather boas!Blog-Crafts

Teaching grade 4 students about farming and cattle at the annual Stony Plain City Slickers event! By the way, the gentleman in the back is Mr. Chuck Huedepohl, who has been in our club since he was a member (over sixty years).  His grandson Cole is now the third generation of his family to be involved in our club!Blog-CitySlickers

4H isn’t just for rural kids. Most of the members in our clubs come from town or acreage life, and the many clubs across the province offer programs like photography, welding, skiing, Lego engineering, canine, etc.   If the kids want to learn about it and you can find an expert to teach it, you can involve kids in a really worthwhile program.  I could write a whole blog about 4H and it’s been a fabulous part of my life.  The kids have made so many friends, developed skills in public speaking, meeting governance, organization and record keeping, attended camps and enjoyed many, many yummy potluck meals!  Check out more about 4H at

So, I went from pumpkins to 4H, but they’re all part of my life on the farm!