I have the best friends!! In my early 20’s, I met a bunch of local and not-so-local people through a group called the Young Farmers of Alberta. We would meet socially, but also have get-togethers and meetings to learn about agricultural topics, go on crop and ag tours, and party. Over the years, many of us married and started our families. The get-togethers were less frequent, but always eagerly anticipated. We crammed into each other’s houses, brought lawn chairs, and kids – lots and lots of kids. The highlight of the get-togethers, besides the friendships, were the potluck dinners. No one planned who would bring what, but it always worked out well. Sometimes we had an abundance of casseroles or more desserts than anyone could possibly eat! It was a great time to try out a new recipe to see if it met the criteria – would the kids eat it? Favorite recipes were swapped and we often talk about putting together a cookbook.

Blog-35_01Our group has grown, shrunk and changed. Families have moved away and new families have joined our group. Our kids are growing up, but still LOVE coming to these events. We jokingly refer to ourselves as the Young Farmers group and their parents because, REALLY, we aren’t young any more.

This picture is from a page in an album we have showing some changes from 1995 to 2002. Now 14 years later, it would look totally different again.

Blog-35_02My contribution to the potluck yesterday was the uniquely prairie favorite Flapper Pie. This pie dates back to the 1920’s and features a graham crust, vanilla pudding centre, and is topped with a baked meringue. I chose a recipe from my (also prairie) favorite author Jean Pare.

Sorry about the picture quality – this is what happens when you bake in the evening, and the light isn’t so great anymore for photos.


Yesterday, we met at my friends, William & Lorna, who are grain farmers north of Westlock in the Dapp area. With the lovely early spring weather, they set up a fun game of barnyard golf. You don’t golf, you say? It doesn’t matter—pick any club and a ball and set off—through the sandbox, the garden, the bull pen and the hay barn. We had tally sheets, but after about 3 holes, we gave up! These events always come with life lessons: stay far, far, far away and behind whoever is winding up and swinging. You never know which way the ball is going to go…and who it is going to hit.

A few pictures from the day…

Blog-35_03Warming up with a few rounds of target practice

Blog-35_04A tricky shot

Blog-35_05Great form! Through the bull pen

Blog-35_06Hunting for the balls – haha! Another lesson – don’t use green balls for barnyard golf.

Enjoy your day and try my pie recipe for your next potluck get-together!