I couldn’t help it! I’m an egg farmer and very bad with my puns. 🙂

Blog-40_01The Calgary Stampede draws over a million people during the 10-day event, and it seemed like most of them came through the Agrium where Egg Farmers of Alberta had a booth set up, complete with a live bird display. Burnbrae Farms graciously lent us an enriched housing system and we brought in brown and white hens to show the public what egg farming really looks like.



SusanatCSAs the public is less connected to farming directly, this was an awesome opportunity to connect and educate. Egg farmers from around the province, including me, came to answer questions from the public, and no questions were off-limits. I have to tell you that these types of events are my very favorite to do, and I love to share what I know about egg farming!





Here are a few of most common questions that I was asked:

Q: What is the difference between the brown birds and the white birds?

A: Brown birds lay brown eggs and white birds lay white eggs.

Q: As a follow-up to the first question, what is the nutritional difference between the white and brown eggs?

A: There is no nutritional difference.

Q: Is this really how the chickens spend their life?

A: This housing system is one of many types available. There is conventional housing with small numbers of hens in each unit, the enriched style which was on display, free-run, free-range, aviary and organic barns in Alberta. All types have pros and cons, but we provide great care for all of them!

Q: How many eggs does a hen lay each day?

A: On average, a hen lays about 320 eggs per year. That’s not quite an egg a day, but in reality, a hen will lay an egg a day for 10 days or so and then take a break for a day.

image3Besides answering questions, many people just wanted to watch the birds and were surprised at how content they sounded. Even with all the activity around them, they still were cooing, eating, drinking, laying eggs and sleeping.

This is a picture of farmer Elie answering the many questions that everyone had.


IMG_9223Many people, especially the kids wanted to pet the chickens and were surprised at how friendly and soft they were.






Here’s a few other great shots of people interacting at the booth:

IMG_9260I just love this photo—a young cowboy checking out our interactive egg farm display!







IMG_0914Farmer Mike loves working this event. I think he was there for 3 days.





IMG_0910Some of our awesome staff were handing out egg goodies and recipe booklets. If you didn’t make it down to the Stampede, download the booklets from our website at https://eggs.ab.ca//recipe-booklets/.




20160711_151221Farmer Paul and our staffer Shelley.




If you were one of those people who attended the Stampede and took some pictures at the booth, I’d love for you to share them with me! If you didn’t make it down, come see us next year.