Blog_29-01I recently participated in my first-ever Christmas cookie exchange. It was a fun evening to greet old friends and make new friends. If you’ve never been to one, here’s a little run-down on how it works. One person hosts and provides drinks and a few snacks. Get together a bunch of friends and family and bring one dozen cookies/treats per person attending, plus a dozen to share. At our get-together, we had 14 people attending, plus the one for the sharing table. The cookies are packaged a dozen to a bag or box, and I love it when the recipes are included. This is a perfect opportunity to find some new Christmas favorites.

Here’s a picture of the yummy cookies that I made – Chocolate Krinkles. While they are baking, the cookies flatten and crackle & crinkle, hence the name. This recipe is one shared on our Egg Farmers of Alberta website, and comes originally from the Roseglen Hutterite Colony, who makes them in BIG!! batches. I have a couple of tips – make sure to chill the dough for several hours ahead of baking or overnight is even better. Also, keep sticking the dough back in the fridge between batches, otherwise your hands may become a big sticky mess!

Blog_29-02The secret to the fudgy texture is to not overbake the cookies. Everyone’s oven temperature is a bit different, but I only bake them for 9-10 minutes. You can also add cinnamon to the icing sugar or try adding in some sprinkles or finely crushed candy canes. I might even try rolling them in cocoa powder, but then they wouldn’t have that lovely white snow look about them.

I really like this recipe and have made it for many years, and it’s a great cookie for those of you who have dairy allergies; no butter or milk in these. CHOCOLATE KRINKLES

Blog_29-03Here are the cookies, all packaged up and ready to go. I made 15 dozen for the exchange and a few dozen extra to have on hand for cookie tins gifts for some special people in my life.   That translated to 5 double batches!! What I forgot to do was take a picture of all the yummy goodies that I received in exchange. There was everything from soft chewy gingersnaps to homemade marshmallows to Christmas popcorn and my favorite the little homemade pretzel turtles. Oh, my, goodness – sooooo good!

Seriously, what is better than homemade cookies?