February 16th marks the first ever Canadian Agriculture Day and I’m EXCITED!!!!

It’s about time that we celebrate everything food-related and certainly the people who grow the food.

I attended a very interesting session earlier this week at the University of Alberta called Connect Cafe, where university students met with people from all across the food sector including farmers, farm group organizations, food processors, government representatives, researchers and restaurant owners. These young people are excited about being involved in the bigger food industry. Paula Simons from the Edmonton Journal gave the keynote address and in her humorous way talked about the disconnection between farms and consumers. She lamented the fact that less and less people cook meals from scratch with fresh ingredients. We live in an instant society where we want to everything faster, but we need to slow down and enjoy food (all aspects of it)!

I want to be part of the solution! I’m passionate about ag education and sharing my life as a farmer, mom and small business owner. In the 1930s, more than 90 per cent of Canadian had a connection to agriculture. Today, it’s less than three percent, according to Statistics Canada census information. I want to help reverse this trend and have people gain that connection again.

Lots of people ask me why I love farming and here are a few reasons:

  • There is nothing like holding a warm, freshly laid egg in your cold hands
  • Listening to my chickens cooing and clucking
  • Seeing beautiful sunrises when I go out to gather eggs
  • Feeling connected to the land and animals that I care for
  • Knowing that I am growing one of the most nutritious perfect foods out there—the humble egg!
  • Having the ability to raise my children with the values of hard work and caring for livestock
  • Knowing that my farm produces enough eggs to feed 7000 people

So, while you make your meals today, take time out to say thanks to the farmers! Post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #CdnAgDay