Egg Barn Cameras

Layer Barn Camera #1

The birds are enjoying the free-run hen housing system in the barn, which includes both the aviary structure and the barn floor. The birds have unlimited access to fresh water and nutritious feed, and are free to explore the barn. The birds express many natural behaviours as they forage on the barn floor, perch throughout the aviary structure, and lay their eggs in private nest boxes.

This camera is directed at a section of the aviary, to give a closer view of the laying hens.

Layer Barn Camera #2

This camera provides a wider view of the entire barn.

Welcome to the layer barn at Brant Colony, one of Alberta’s more than 170 registered egg farms!  These layer hens live in a free-run aviary housing system.

lf-aviaryHere is a better look at the system itself.  As you can see, there are many different spots for the hens to perch.  The orange flaps at the back provide privacy for the nest boxes, where the hens prefer to lay their eggs.  The little orange things are the water nipples, with cups to catch any water that drips.  The white sheet underneath the flooring is the manure belt, which ensures neither the hens or their eggs come into contact with the manure.

lf-waterHere is a closer look at the water nipples that provide the birds with fresh, clean water.

lf-feedThis trough above the water nipples is for the feed belt, which delivers nutritious feed for the hens.  Just like on every egg farm across the country, the feed is free of added hormones and steroids, which are illegal in Canada.

lf-nestboxHere the curtains have been pulled back to reveal the interior of the nest box, which includes a scratch pad for the birds.  When laid, the eggs roll down the gently inclined floor towards the back of the nest box, onto a covered egg belt.

If you’re interested in learning more about this barn, you can read through the series of blog posts that chronicled its construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of free-run hen housing?

Yes, there are two different style hen housing system that are both considered to be free-run.  The systems are commonly referred to as aviary (like this barn) or free-run (barn style, without the vertical structures).  All free-run hen housing systems allow the birds to roam around inside the barn.

Is this the net-zero barn that you blogged about?

Yes, these cameras are in the net-zero barn at Brant Colony.

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