The Bizarre Standing Egg

Have you ever seen an egg stand on end? Some people say it can only be done during certain times of the year, but I can show you how to do it anytime you want!

How it looks:

Ask your friends if they have ever seen an egg stand on end. Tell them how you have accomplished this very feat yourself just moments before they arrived. To their amazement, you reveal an egg standing remarkably on its end. Offer someone an egg and see if they can balance it. They won’t be able to do it!

How it works:

Prepare this trick before your audience arrives. Form a very small heap of salt on a table, and balance the egg in the heap. Then, carefully blow away the salt. The few grains which are actually holding the egg in place remain. The egg is covering these grains, so it appears to be balanced without any support!

What you need :

• 1 egg
• Salt (1 teaspoon or 5 mL)
• Counter or hard surface (eg. table)
• Adult Helper

Did you know…

Some people claim that you can balance an egg easier during either equinox (around March 21 and September 23). Try it yourself with this little Egg-Trick.

Measure how long it takes you to balance an egg (if you can at all) at different times of the year and record your results. No salt needed for this one! Give yourself a maximum of 5 minutes to balance it, otherwise consider it not possible. What do you notice? Graph your results comparing the time it takes to balance an egg versus the time of year.