Hair Growing Egg Head

Have you ever thought it would be fun to try to grow something on your own? Give this easy project a try and you’ll grow alfalfa “hair” on your new egg-head buddy.

Question: Can you grow hair in an egg shell?



1. 1 egg
2. 1 package alfalfa seeds (you can buy them at a greenhouse or hardware store)
3. 1 thumb tack
4. 3 cotton balls
5. 1 egg cup (make one by using a strip of construction paper and a bit of tape…or anything else that will hold your egg in place so it doesn’t roll away!)
6. 1 felt pen marker
7. Adult helper


1. Using the thumb tack, carefully poke a hole in each end of the egg. Put the egg very close to your mouth and blow the contents of the egg out until you have an empty eggshell. Blow the egg into a bowl to be cooked later. (Note: this isn’t easy to do – your adult helper will be a big help here!)
2. Carefully chip at the top of the eggshell with the tack until you’ve removed 1/4 of the top of the shell and have 3/4 of the shell remaining.
3. Put the 3/4 eggshell into the egg cup.
4. Draw a face on the part of the eggshell that is sticking out of the egg cup so that the eyes are just below the hole in the top of the egg.
5. Soak the cotton balls in water and then drop them into the eggshell.
6. Add about 1 mL (¼ teaspoon) of alfalfa seeds to the eggshell, on top of the wet cotton balls.

7. Place the cup on a warm, sunny window sill. The  “hair” should start to sprout in about 3 days.