Hanging Easter Eggs/Easter Egg Tree

Empty the eggshells according to the instructions for Egg Blowout.

Cut a narrow ribbon or silk cord into 30 cm (12-inch) lengths. Fold in half and tie ends in a pretty bow or in a knot. Use a piece of floral wire or an embroidery hook to pull the folded end through the egg so that the bottom of the egg is resting on the bow.


Or, another way to hang your eggs is to make a knot at the end of the ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the egg using a large needle. The egg will rest on the knot.
Hang the egg on a branch which has been anchored in a decorative pot, tying the ribbon to secure it.
To preserve your decorated eggs, apply a clear acrylic fixative, spray varnish or nail polish. For iridescent eggs, choose a pearlescent finish.