Christmas Tree Ornaments/Christmas Egg Tree


Reinforce the empty shells with two or three coats of flat white paint. Allow to dry before decorating.

Use your imagination to decorate these ornaments! You can color them using felt pens, latex or acrylic paint, or even spray paint. You can glue festive ribbons onto the eggs or write seasonal greetings on them.

The kids can draw a scene from their favorite Christmas story on their ornaments. Or you can have them write or draw their Christmas wish list on egg ornaments. Why not make egg ornaments for everyone in the family? Write each family member’s name on an egg using glitter or metallic markers.

To hang your ornaments on the Christmas tree, see the instructions used for Hanging Easter Eggs/Easter Egg Tree.

Santa Egg

Use a marker to draw Santa’s eyes, nose and mouth. Glue on absorbent cotton for the beard and hair. Top the egg with a cone hat made of stiff red paper, with a tiny cotton ball on the end.