Profile – Jenna Griffin

My name is Jenna Griffin, and I am EFA’s Industry Development Officer.

I was drawn to EFA by the idea of working for a group of incredibly hard working individuals – egg farmers – and I have been here for 6 years.  This position is an opportunity to use my background and education (bioscience) in an area that I’m passionate about – food!  A sustainable agriculture industry is key to feeding a growing population, while keeping our planet beautiful.  As an avid explorer and adventurer, as well as the daughter of a chef, I’m keen to apply my skills working on that puzzle.

Originally from Barrie, Ontario, via Richmond Hill, I am married and have two cats: Loki, the Norse god of mischief, and Freyja, a co-conspirator.  My many interests outside of work include travelling, cooking, hiking, snowboarding, camping, yoga, volleyball, gardening, woodworking, upcycling, craft brew, and generally finding new experiences!

My favorite memory during my time at EFA is accompanying Levi Hofer, from New York Colony, when he received his Sustainability Award from Canadian Poultry Magazine.  Honorable mentions also go to playing ‘egg roulette’ during one of our Run For the Cure fundraisers, pitching in to feed hungry workers who were cleaning up after the 2013 floods in High River, and the surprise wedding shower thrown by my colleagues for my husband and I.

I feel EFA is successful because of good leadership and a strong sense of community.  As I look ahead to the future for EFA, the only constant is change.