Profile – Angie Lang

My name is Angie Lang, and I am EFA’s Marketing Specialist.

After coming to the conclusion that I probably wasn’t going to be a farm girl, I decided to represent farmers across Alberta.  I have a Communications degree and it fits well with being able to give hardworking egg farmers a voice. I’ve been at EFA for over two years and I’m excited about more adventures!

I was born in Calgary and raised in Cochrane, Alberta. My interests outside of work include travelling (I’ve been many places, but have yet to see it all), attending Stampeders games, hanging out with exotic animals, jumping out of planes – you know, normal stuff! By the time I’m 30, I hope to have been to every continent – I have two more to do.

Although I haven’t been here as long as others, it’s been two years and there have already been some really great memories made thus far.  My favourite memory is axe throwing at the 50th-anniversary party and hitting the bulls-eye more than any other farmer there. Maybe one day the producers can keep up!

I feel EFA is successful because we are able to mix the traditional with the innovative thinking about agriculture.  In a society that is increasingly modernizing, I think it’s important to keep tradition and values alive, and EFA does that perfectly.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for EFA.  I know there will be constant, positive change and progress with environmental policies in agriculture.