If farm managers are looking for assistance with their farm safety programming, AgSafe Alberta will send an Advisor to work with the manager on the farm.  The Advisor will gather information about the farm and assess the farm safety needs of each individual farm.

During the first visit to the farm, Advisors will evaluate the operation and get a sense of how in-depth they want their programming to be.  The Advisor may conduct a quick hazard assessment of the operation with the farmer to determine their areas of concern. The AgSafe Alberta Advisors will then follow through by assisting the farm manager with building a farm safety program customized to the farm.  The complexity of the program will be determined with the farmer and can range from introductory to complex.  If producers want to move beyond setting up a farm safety management system, AgSafe Alberta Advisors have the tools and resources to provide training to family or employees on the farm:

  • Introduction to the new safety management system
  • Farm worker safety orientation
  • Hazard assessment training
  • Incident investigation training

The AgSafe Alberta Advisor pilot project is flexible. For producers who are looking for an introduction to farm safety for themselves and others working on their farm, Advisors are available to guide farm managers through QuickStart programs if they are wanting assistance.  QuickStart guides have been set up to allow producers to work on the programs on their own or to work with assistance from an AgSafe Alberta Advisor.

For more information, please contact Donna Trottier:

Donna Trottier P. Ag

Farm & Ranch Safety Extension Coordinator

AgSafe Alberta


[email protected]