The EFA Board of Directors has been working to finalize the Quota Allotment Policy, that will allow the transfer of quota from over base to base, since Marketing Council approved the Quota Governance and Management Principles in 2017. More recently, the Board reviewed results of the survey distributed to registered producers in July.
Overall, there is strong support for the policy, but there are some concerns about the ongoing fee associated with newly purchased and newly allocated quota.

The Board has put together a report that summarizes the key points that were raised in the survey, along with the Board’s response and/or actions taken by EFA related to each
question/concern. The next steps are for the Board’s regulation amendment to be passed, and for the Board to develop a plan to implement the policy.

If any Alberta egg farmer would like to review the survey results in more detail, or view a report of how over base quota fees were spent over the past 4 years, the reports are available on EFA’s producer website on the All About Quota Page.