The EQA is a new program being launched across Canada this February and will help to highlight the strict requirements Canadian egg farmers are already meeting! EQA certified eggs come from farmers that are passing the SC-SC food safety and Animal Care Programs.

When Canadians see the EQA mark on their egg cartons they will know their eggs are from Canada and that they meet the highest national food safety and animal care standards.

For farmers, there are no new records, audits or farm visits. To qualify, farmers must pass the SC-SC and ACP each year with a score of at least 90% and with all critical elements in place. Farmers failing to meet these requirements will need to come into compliance within required timeframes or face penalties.

Eggs failing to meet food safety standards will be sent to processing and discounted at 20 cents per dozen until the corrective action requests are successfully closed.

Eggs failing to meet animal care standards will be sent to alternative non-human consumption market if available, otherwise, the eggs will be destroyed. In either case, the farmer will receive the market price relative to the salvage value. A disposal fee may be added.

This program will help egg farmers across the country tell the good news story about egg farming and the standards each farm meets, regardless of housing system – helping to build trust!

Farmers will be receiving their EQA certificates from EFC within the next few weeks. Any producer graders interested in putting the EQA mark on your cartons can apply to EFC for a license. Start looking for the EQA on egg cartons in the grocery store starting in late February!