At this time, there is no Animal Care Program in place for pullet growers. EFA continues to support the development of a national Pullet Animal Care program in partnership with the
Pullet Growers of Canada and Egg Farmers of Canada. We understand that the updated Animal Care Program for layers will enforce a number of pullet requirements for animal care through documentation. We encourage all pullet growers to work towards compliance with the 2017 Code of Practice requirements.

Through late 2017 and 2018, EFA delivered a Pullet Animal Care Checklist to help educate pullet growers on the 2017 Code of Practice recommendations. A total of 102 facilities were assessed. Below is a summary of what the checklist told us about our pullet growers and where they sit compared to the 2017 Code of practice.
•74% of pullet facilities are currently meeting the 2017 Code’s density requirements.
•92% of pullet facilities meet the requirements for water access and 78% meet the feed access requirements.
•83% of conventional facilities have a plan for splitting birds in the pullet barn based on densities in the Code, the system design and the welfare of the birds. Of these only 32% are written plans. The ideal standard is for pullet growers to have a written plan for
splitting birds.
•100% of pullet facilities met the other 2017 Code Requirements outlined in the Animal Care Checklist.

The results from the first Pullet Animal Care Checklist based on the 2017 Code of Practice requirements are very positive – demonstrating that our farmers are already meeting many of the standards detailed in the new Code.