We are pleased to present you with an overview of 2018’s final farm program results. As we compile these year end statistics it always brings me a sense of pride to see how well our farmers perform in their food safety, animal care and environmental programs. We know that such a high standard of excellence is only achieved with a daily commitment to flock management, animal husbandry and record keeping. I think we also need to take a moment to thank the EFC and third party auditors, as well as EFA’s Field Coordinators for their diligence in delivering the farm programs.

• 2018’s average score in the Animal Care Program was 99.93% with 98.26% of farmers scoring 100% in the program. All eligible farms have received a 3rd party audit in the last 3 years.
•In the SC-SC Layer Program, the average score last year was 99.82% with 89.65% of farmers scoring 100%. All Alberta egg farmers maintained their accreditation last year.
•In the SC-SC Pullet Program’s average score was 99.68%, with 83.5% of pullet growers scoring 100%. Each pullet grower in Alberta achieved accreditation in the SC-SC Pullet program! Remember that as of January 1, 2019 it is mandatory that all Alberta egg farmers purchase pullets from a grower that is accredited in the SC-SC Pullet program. This applies if you raise your own pullets, and regardless of where you buy your pullets (ie out of province). If you order your pullets from a grower, please confirm their accreditation status before you confirm your order.
•In the PEEP program 88.62% of farmers passed with a score of over 60%. The average score in the program was 76.29%.
•100% of Alberta’s Egg farmers meet the requirements for the Egg Quality Assurance (EQA) Program and will be receiving their certificates from EFC in the next few weeks. As the national EQA program is launched this month, it provides egg farmers across Canada with further opportunities to share the story about the high standards you meet.

We would like to thank each of you for your hard work and commitment to excellence in egg farming. Well done!